Step 1: Prepare all documents according to the provisions of law.
Step 2: Submit the application at the receiving and returning department of the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security. Vietnamese citizens holding valid passports or papers instead of passports issued by foreign countries (collectively referred to as foreign passports), if they do not have passports, they must have permanent residence papers issued by foreign countries. register for permanent residence in Vietnam at the office of the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security. * The officer receiving the application will check the legality and content of the application: + If the application is complete and valid, then receive the application, print a receipt, schedule the date to return the result and give it to the applicant. + If the dossier is not valid, the dossier-receiving officer shall guide the submitter to supplement the dossier.
Step 3: return the result. The person receiving the results gives the receipt to the officer returning the results for comparison. If there are results, the notification will be handed over to the person who comes to receive the results. Time: from Monday to Saturday every week (except Sunday and public holidays).